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The classic video game touchstone translated into VR.

Break all the bricks on each level by deflecting a ball with your two shields. Protect the balls from careening into the open depths of space behind you. 

10 levels - each with an increasing number of bricks, with some bricks increasing in durability as you progress. Bonus balls hide inside some bricks; Clear stages faster by keeping multiple balls in play.

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This is currently a proof-of-concept that includes 10 levels.

Updates will include more:

  • Power-Ups
  • Special Bricks with Unique Properties
  • Sound Effects and Music
  • Enhanced Scoring Features
  • Menu Options

Install instructions

Windows Defender may stop the install, warning you about an "unknown publisher." You can choose to override this and continue anyway.

I'm one guy with no professional training with computers, so I don't know how to get around this issue.  


Brick Buster VR.zip 51 MB

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